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...on concerts, festivals, in clubs or studios

The orchestra is really at home in the areas of swing, mainstream or latin jazz
and as regular concert performance is a big part of Bigband's
work it is no wonder you can mainly meet Bigband Neratovice
this way. No matter where, it could be in a theatre, municipal
building, hotel hall, club venue, festival, open air performance
or over the airwaves. The Band’s programmes include famous
globaland Czech composers of enduring genres including
swing, musicals and movie favourites...
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... in a whirl of balls, functions, siorées, celebrations or parties

Formal functions, balls, municipal receptions, business parties and many
other events are not only an exclusive insight of the organising company
but also an eventmany other gaieties. These are all attributes which
no-one will doubt without music, whether for listening or dancing would be, to say
the least, incomplete. But how do you find the soul of the party?
There are in general, various possibilities: recorded music, computer "artists",
and you want to use a musical body to give your ball a stately and exquisite character,
according to the importance...
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