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...on concerts, festivals, in clubs or studios

The orchestra is really at home in the areas of swing, mainstream or latin jazz and as.
regular concert performance is a big part of Bigband's work it is no wonder you can
mainly meet Bigband Neratovice this way. No matter where, it
could be in a theatre, municipal building, hotel hall, club
venue, festival, open air performance or over the airwaves.

The Band’s programmes include famous global and Czech
composers of enduring genres including swing, musicals
and movie favourites. Temporary compositions are
exceptionally exacting in terms of arrangement, interpre-
tation and listening and are not to be missed, as well as
performances of popular singers and renowned instrumental
soloists from the area of jazz, pop and classical music. The concert performances
have a wide appeal to many audiences as a result of this range of genres.

The mixture of the brilliant performances of soloists, the entire band and also
its various sections, led by the most attractive one – the all girl saxophone
section, is a big advantage of Bigband Neratovice. They integrate together
to form a harmonic, compact and highly professional group, guaranteeing a brilliant,
impressive, relaxed and appreciative musical show, always and everywhere.
By and large – It is always good to hear us and good to see us...

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